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Support an Established Endowed Fund

Consider supporting one of the permanent Endowed Funds established by generous donors.

Each Endowed Fund listed below accepts additional contributions for its intent.

CNEWA Permanent Endowment provides general support to Bethlehem University.

General Scholarship Endowments enable annual scholarships and tuition assistance. This category of general scholarships represents scores of named scholarship funds

Abu-Dhabi Scholarship Endowment awards scholarships and financial assistance.

Cardinal de Furstenberg Endowment supports a Chair in Religious Studies and activities related to this Chair.

Brother Vincent Malham Faculty Recognition Award Endowment can be used to: recognize outstanding faculty members; support faculty sabbaticals; underwrite attendance at international conferences; provide funding towards visiting professors from abroad for a semester; or purchase special equipment for faculty members.

The Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration Endowment named the Faculty of Business Administration at Bethlehem University and supports their programs.

The Friends of Bethlehem University Academic Scholarship in Honour of Brother Fergus McArdle supports faculty and staff educational experiences in Ireland.

Annette and Elias Aburdene Endowment supports the educational mission of Bethlehem University in a manner that is approved by the Vice Chancellor.

University Vice Chancellor’s General Endowment funds initiatives of Bethlehem University approved by the Vice Chancellor.

The Cardinal Basil Hume Chair of Religious Studies Endowment provides funds to meet the spiritual and academic needs of students and to promote the study of religion and an appreciation of the religious culture of the Holy Land.

The Saint Teresa of Calcutta Endowment supports the Faculty (School) of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bethlehem University.

Your gift to an Endowed Fund helps ensure a lasting future for Bethlehem University. Visit the donation page and designate your gift to one of the above Endowed Funds.